What’s in the Amendment?

North Dakota Voters First is a cross-partisan grassroots coalition working to make our elections better serve all North Dakotans. The Amendment includes three key provisions:

Secure Our Elections

To ensure the security and integrity of North Dakota elections, the Amendment requires all voting machines to produce a paper record of every vote cast, requires random audits of election results, and gives our military-overseas voters more time to cast their ballots.

Increase Voter Choice

Open primaries: The Amendment allows all voters to participate in an open primary election, where all the candidates are listed on a single ballot. The four candidates who receive the most votes for each office, regardless of their party, then advance to the general election.

Majority winner general elections: In the general elections, the Amendment requires candidates to receive the support of a majority of North Dakota voters to win election. To ensure majority winners, voters are asked to pick their first-choice candidate as usual, but to also mark their second, third, and fourth choice candidates if they want to. Then, if no candidate has a majority outright, election officials use these rankings to run an instant runoff process that results in a majority winner.

Fair Legislative Districts

This amendment would ensure voters are picking their politicians—not the other way around—by transferring the responsibility to draw political district lines to the citizen-led North Dakota Ethics Commission. The Commission would redraw the maps in public, holding hearings around the state and taking comment from North Dakotans, to create districts that are fair, equal in population, respectful of existing communities, and free from partisan bias. All of the Commissioners would need to agree on the maps to put them into practice.

Read the full Amendment language here.