Pledge to Sign Our Petition: Get this Measure on the Ballot

North Dakota Voters First is a campaign to ensure our elections serve all North Dakotans. Our amendment would enact common-sense reforms to:

  1. Modernize North Dakota’s elections to make them more transparent and secure
  2. Ensure the best candidate wins with the majority of the vote, regardless of party
  3. Ensure voters get to choose their politicians, not the other way around 

But to get on the ballot this November, we need to collect over 26,000 petition signatures. You can keep this campaign on track by pledging to give your name once we can safely collect your signature. 

It’s time to modernize our election system to give us more choice, greater transparency, and better candidates — but we need your help to get us on the ballot this fall. Add your name today and we’ll be in touch when you are able to sign our official ballot petition.